The life cycle of Malaria – smartphone app

The Life Cycle of Malaria is an edutainment app that informs players about malaria in a creative manner. By allowing players to role-play as the mosquito and the malaria parasite, and interacting with different stages of the disease’s life-cycle, this application offers an alternative way of learning about malaria. With the intention of raising malaria awareness and offering a fun non-linear way of learning about the mosquito-borne disease for all ages – this app can be installed on your smartphone accessible around the world.

  • Edutainment, aims to be educational as well as entertaining.
  • Great alternative to traditional linear mediums (like books, videos), as it lets players interact and learn.
  • Play from the perspective of the antagonist, the –anopheles mosquito- and the –plasmodium parasite-.
  • Learn why mosquito bites itch, why pregnant women are more likely to be bitten, and how the parasite manages to survive.
  • The first game of its kind which tries to visualize the malaria life cycle in 3D.
  • Completely free, no ads.

Developer: Jakob Rossner & Nuffield Department of Medicine, UK

Developed: July 2014 -2015 , Updated April 2021 , developed with Unreal Engine 4



Twitter: @jakob_rossner