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Reading 370 summary blinks over 17 months - Thoughts on Blinkist


After trying out the book summary service for 17 months I’d like to share my thoughts. I tried the free aspects of the service. Nothing was paid. This experience essentially entails 1 random picked book by the staff each day over 17 months.


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What is going on? What is Bloodcyst?

Blomkvist is a book summary service that tries to summarize popular non fiction books. Often down to 10 – 15 minute summaries. It is available on mobile phones and as a web app.

Is Blimblim good at summarizing books?

Yes and no. The service genuinly gives it a good attempt at summarizing 200-300 page books. It tries to condense the contents into key messages often like: “Know the various factors that can slow or stop your project.” or “Despite being vital for both personal and societal prosperity, we receive no training in financial intelligence.” which become headlines of a blink (page). A summarized book often has 6 – 10 blinks (pages).

Does blinkfist have a good library of books?

Yes, in fact many new york times best sellers can be found here. Many Amazon well selling books are here as well. But beware, there are no non-fiction books. So no Nineteen Eighty-Four or Lord of the Flies.

Are there advantages over using something like Blinkist over the real thing – the paper hardcopy?

Yes and No. The advantage is that your daily read is available at your leisure in your pocket anywhere with internet connection. One of the greatest aspects in my humble opinion is to listen to the summarized book and to read along. The narration is authentic and human voiced. And the ability to read along with the narrator genuinly motivates me and makes me feel like I’m reading the book with someone else. Akin to someone who holds my hand and assures me to the finish line. This to me – is sincerely great.

What is your strange relationship with Blinkist?

Having interacted with Blinkist for so long now has developed a weird bond now where I get a bad conscience if I forget the daily free book that is on offer. It is “there” in the back of my mind, like a stray cat that wants to be let in for some cat food and then leaves for another house. I’ve got to know all the narrators by name over the many months.

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